1. Kasey Clark says

    A very nice thought, but horribly done. Too many incorrectly spelled words and in one chart the Ep. (Episode #) doesn’t even match the title of that episode. C’mon guys, if you love Star Wars so much, pay attention and get your stuff straight!!

  2. Jason says

    Nice job, but you have the episode #s backwards, also Carrie Fisher plays Princess Leia Organa not Jedi Luke Skywalker

  3. Jamie says

    quite a few typos and misspellings (e.g., “characthers”, the double listing of “Jedi Luke Skywalker”, instead of listing “Princess Leia” as well).

    also, the anakin/obi-wan duel is incorrectly pointing to yoda and anakin – while neglecting to mention the yoda/palpatine duel

    Suggestion: get someone to proofread your work before you publish it – the Web is a cruel audience for a first draft!

  4. Puzzler says

    I would take this with a grain of salt. I wouldn’t count on these facts. Doesn’t seem right with the mistakes on the cast and characters table, and if you look at the U.S. gross, Episode 1 made the most money but look at the tickets sold and it sold the least by far.

  5. hans says

    for puzzler – I think you should count on these instead. The sold ticket graph is referred only to the first 70 days, try to think how many times SW #1 came out at cinemas across the world
    The mistakes here and there are just typos

    great design anyway

  6. Nick says

    Also, you have Yoda ending in Episode V, when he should be ending halfway through Episode VI.

  7. kanchelskis says

    In the ‘cast and characters’ chart, the name of the episodes are all mixed up.

  8. marie says

    agreed with above comments. cast and characters part has the most mistakes and complete discredits. Either rewatch or get an editor, dude.

  9. Davo says

    I wrongly assume all the nitpicking naysayers in the comments have more well established and better spelled sites of their own.

  10. James says

    Good article but I noticed some things here and there. For one, Liam Neeson as Qui-Gon Jinn was in Episode 2: AotC as voice only, while Anakin/Hayden kills the Tuskan Raiders
    Also, on the table of characters, their actors and which movies they were in.. I mean, come on, Anakin? That was completely backwards. Sebastion and Hayden were both used in RotJ and Hayden and Jake were in Episodes 1-3, not 4-6

  11. Jon says

    It wouldn’t matter than other people don’t have a better site of their own because they pointed out that this chart is at time factually incorrect. There is so much wrong with this chart, I highly suspect it is an attempt at trolling, and people have the right to call him out on it.

  12. KPS says


    You are an idiot. One doesn’t need a site of his own to critique the mistakes of others. Moron.

  13. Steve says

    ” Davo

    I wrongly assume all the nitpicking naysayers in the comments have more well established and better spelled sites of their own.”

    So in order to critique professional footballers’ performances one must be a professional footballer? To have an opinion on art, one must be an artist? To think a book is poor, one must be an author?

    Don’t talk drivel. If someone publishes something online then they should take care it is accurate.

  14. johnnyrazz says

    26 planets visited? check my work.

    tatooine, alderaan, yavin, hoth, dagobah, bespin, endor, naboo, coruscant, kamino, geonosis, utapau, mygeeto, felucia, kashyyyk, polis massa, mustafar, (random planet where plo koon is killed), (random planet where adi gallia is killed), dantooine*, sullust#.

    *, dantooine is mentioned, but the deathstar never actually goes there in the film
    #, the rebel fleet is massing near sullust, but we never saw the planet.

    that’s still only 21…

  15. Sinlock says

    “Turns on super nerd powers”
    Plo Koon was shot down over Cato Neimoidia.

    Adi Gallia is not shown during the Order 66 sceen in EP#3. She was killed by Grievous during the Battle of Boz Pity.

    The Jedi shown in the Order 66 sceen is her cousin Stass Allie. She is on the planet Saleucami that was serving as a base for the Techno Union.

    So the worlds that are actualy shown in the films are.

    Yavin VI
    Endor moon
    Mygeeto (66)
    Felucia (66)
    Polis massa (Luke & Leia birth)
    Saleucami (66)
    Cato Neimoidia (66)

  16. Wildrid says

    Also, Darth Sideous/Senator/Chancellor/Emperor Palpatine is listed as two main characters: Sideous/Emperor and Palpatine. Perhaps that’s to make up for him not appearing the Cast and Characters section. So many things are backwards in that section that I suspect it was prepared by Yoda.

  17. JCS-2416 says

    As mentioned in the Canon, Endor is a forest moon. It probably orbits a planet such as a gas-type like Bespin since larger gaseous planets tend to support large moons capable of atmosphere. Revise the statement about planets to include moons. As long as you are mentioning Dantooine, include Kessel.

  18. Ryan says

    In the timeline, “The Phantom Menace” and the “Attack of the Clones” vehicles are wrong. If you really want to know what ‘Star Wars’ is, then watch the movies and DO YOUR RESEARCH!

  19. leelah says

    funny…Anakin wasn’t in a new hope, return of the jedi, and the empire strikes back, seeing as he’s Darth Vader in which case certainly doesn’t make Hayden Christensen Anakin or Darth Vader in those movie.

  20. Mrs Han Solo says

    This article is an insult to all real SW fans. As others have noted, so much of it is wrong. Agree with the epic fail comment made by others. Was hoping this article would be really good. Very disappointed.

  21. Let the Wookie Win! says

    Whoever puts this site together can’t seriously say they’re Star Wars fans. Where’s your quality control & proof checking??

  22. Jim says


    Actually, at the end of RoTJ, Anakin, Obi-Wan and Yoda are seen as force ghosts during the victory celebration by Luke. That’s Anakin’s only appearance in the original 3. Sucks that they changed it to have Hayden instead.

  23. Adam Force says

    aside from the info, I really like the color and design. The idea of a concentric ring chart is cool

  24. Patrick says

    Hate to go geek here, but Warwick never played Yoda. It was a puppet performance by Frank Oz.

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